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African Hip Hop Caravan

The USSF takes the development of culture and it’s role in movement work very seriously. More than being a soundtrack for the movement, or a background piece, we recognize that it is a crucial component to what makes movements successful.

During the USSF SJ 2015 we will have performances every day. If you are interested in performing at one of these events, please fill out this form and one of our event organizers or stage managers will get back to you.

Note: Artist Registration is NOT a substitute for standard registration.



One thought on “Register as an artist

  1. Hello:

    I submitted a short proposal for a workshop by Teatro Vision on theater for community dialogue and organizing but did not receive a reply so the workshop is not happening. I would like a complete schedule of all activities, workshops etc. for San Jose but can’t seem to find it. Please direct me to the schedule.
    Elisa Marina Alvarado,
    Teatro Vision


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