PMA: Schooling the Schools: What is the Educational Crisis?

Rahman Schools

PMA: Schooling the Schools: What is the Educational Crisis?


Framing Questions: 60-90 min.

  1.  What is “education”? (10 min.)


New Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary:

The act of educating, teaching, or training; the act or art of developing and cultivating the various physical, intellectual, aesthetic and moral faculties; instruction and discipline; tuition; nurture; learning; erudition.


Random House Webster’s Dictionary:

The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge and of developing the powers of reasoning or judgment; the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession; a degree, level, or kind of schooling; the result produced by instruction, training, or study; the science or art of teaching; pedagogics.


Dictionary App:

education (n) the profession of teaching, the activities of educating or instructing, the result of good upbringing, the gradual process of acquiring knowledge, knowledge acquired by learning and instruction.

Education (n) the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with education (including federal aid to educational institutions and students).


  1.  What is Western Education? How does it differ from other systems of learning?

(20-30 min.)


Documentary: Schooling the World


Documentary: What is Common Core?


  1.   What do we know about arts-integrated learning? (20 min.)


How Integrating Arts Into Other Subjects Makes Learning Come Alive

Aiko Presenting

Partnership For Arts Integrated Learning (Chicago):


Art Therapy May Help Kids Behavior Problems:

The Professional Teaching Artist in America:


  1.  What are the psychosocial factors occurring at different developmental stages of individuation process? (10-20 min.) Presentation by StoryTeller Project modeling internal & external expression of teacher/student, elder/younger relational dynamics.










Discussion Questions: 30 min.


  1.  What HUMAN VALUES need to scaffold at different developmental stages in order to create healthier, free-thinking human beings? (10 min.)



Toddler (infant to pre-K):  EMPATHY

Big Kids (Grade 1-4):  FOCUS/CONCENTRATION



Young Adult (post-highschool/college):  BOUNDARY-TESTING

Mid-age Adult (post-grad): SELF-SUFFICIENCY



  1.  What strategies for developing Human Values can be integrated into teaching every subject? (20 min.)



3 examples of positive collaboration activities & related games for toddlers that teach empathy



3 examples of using creative arts as a cognitive learning tool in all school subjects that develop focus/concentration



3 Practical activities engaging multiple subjects for “whole-listic” learning

Health, gardening, cooking, fitness, sports, general well-being



3 lesson plans introducing cognition of gender/cultural/socio-economic differences


Strategy Modeling: 30 min.

Volunteers demonstrate arts-integrating learning strategies for group participation.


Breakout Group Questions:


What is the Educational Crisis?

What is our vision for the learning we want?

What is our plan to get to that world?


Other topics to consider:

Parental Modeling: What do parents need to know about teaching their children?

Parental Supplement: How should teachers re-parent when necessary?

Developmental Trauma (Generational & Experiential)

How do parents/teachers/children process their own trauma as well as the traumatized?


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