USSF San Jose Needs

USSF Header

US Social Forum San Jose Needs


  • Volunteers for PMA’s, Outreach, Working Groups and the Forum itself
  • People to phone bank
  • Filmmakers
  • Social Media and Outreach Specialists
  • Translators
  • Artists, Cultural Workers and Event Producers
  • People willing to work on mailings
  • Childcare providers
  • People to join work groups (see above)
  • House party fundraisers
  • Press work
  • Community Housing Volunteers
  • Student Leaders
  • People to distribute flyers in San Jose and the Greater Bay Area
  • PMA and Workshop leaders


  • Paper
  • Computers
  • Bus passes
  • Bikes
  • Food for volunteers
  • Cars to carpool people

We are in great need of translators for this event! Bilingual folks please apply!


And much much more!!! If you can help us with any of the above, please contact us at or call 408-624-2999


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