USSF National Orientation

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United States Social Forum (USSF) Orientation

Procedures/Processes to make and implement decisions:

  • The USSF is a movement building process, not merely an event.
  • There will be a “social forum of a new type” in 2015.  Structurally, that means a multi-site polycentric model. In 2014 we will use the People’s Movement Assembly process and methodology as our principal outreach and educational tool as we build toward 2015.
  • The National Planning Committee (NPC) is the body that is the ultimate decision making body of the USSF. It is composed of organizations/networks who adhere to “What We Believe” principles and go through a formal  Each NPC member org is expected to have a person participate on the monthly NPC calls (currently scheduled for the second Tues of every month at 9am pacific, 10am mountain, 11am central, 12pm eastern) and also to have a person from their org serve on at least one of the Working Groups (WG) or Committees (listed below).
  • When making decisions, the NPC strives for consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, a proposal is passed if it receives a majority vote from those who vote (abstentions do not count towards setting the majority threshold).
  • The Accountability Coordination Team (ACT) serves body to coordinate all overall work and hold us all accountable to decisions made. ACT is composed of a representative from each of the existing WG/Committees. Primary responsibility is to create the agenda for NPC monthly calls and to coordinate and integrate the efforts of the Working Groups.
  • Creation/Re-constitution of a WG/Committee needs to be formally approved by NPC.
  • Proposals are developed in a WG/Committee. Ideally they would be sent to ACT for refinement and to be agendized on the next NPC call for discussion/decision.
  • Each WG/Committee creates its own workplan and procedures for making/implementing their decisions.

Working groups/Committees (Chair, contact and meeting times):

Arts & Culture: Shamako Noble

Communications/Technology: Alfredo Lopez

Gender Justice Working Group: Rose Brewer

International Committee: Jen Cox:

Outreach: Jerome Scott 1st Monday of month at 1pm pacific, 10am mountain, 11am central, 12pm eastern

Poverty Working Group: Evelyn Dortch

People’s Movement Assembly (PMA): David Cobb 3rd Monday of month at 1pm pacific, 10am mountain, 11am central, 12pm eastern

Resource Development: Monica Beemer and Jacqui Patterson

Road to USSF: Walda Katz-Fishman


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