SJBAY LOC Meeting Notes

5 March SJBayLOC Notes

Present: Richard, John, Peggy, Janice, Richard, Shamako, Derek, Rohan

Phone: Alfredo, Ellen, Dione, Monica, David, Xin Zhu


National Comms Tech (CTWG) will not handle our local needs; they will guide but we need to carry our own tasks. This is due to the needs being venue dependent as well as shaped by our local expertise. Streaming capability from the venue must be known before we can plan. National CTWG needs names. Especially the *technologist*; skills needed: type, computer-savvy. SJLOC needs to provide feedback: leaflet, websites, registration. National wants to train the trainer: database, website (can be one person)

Ellen asked about what exactly is needed so that SEIU 521 and 1021 can help.


Propose a decision making process: we likely don’t have time to re-explain every concern and the history of the group to newcomers. Hopefully more people will join us at each future meeting. Can we get a structure that keeps us nimble and able to decide, while being empowered, without shattering our internal communications? New WG: Internal Comm? [More on this later]


Add Ellen to Res/Dev WG, and she is anchoring Program WG with Clarissa. Monica (Outreach in Portland area, Comms Tech but not its Lead), David (Outreach, Program), Dione (ResDev, Logistics, Media), Peggy (Logistics), Shamako, John (Logistics, Res/Dev/ComsTech), Derek (Logistics, Cooperative Economics), Janice (Outreach), Katherine (Outreach, Poverty WG), Richard Arias (new), Richard (Cooperative Economics WG)


National Coordinator Report: (Shamako) Registration is open: email invitations to everyone you have ever met. And their friends. Next National Accountability and Coordination Team (ACT) conference call: Thursday in two weeks. Tuesday (10 March) 9 am is the next NPC call. National AFL/CIO is negotiating their participation; South Bay Labor Council here in SJ also. Venue: DeAnza says no. SJSU still no decision.

Who handles questions about organizations and their participation, such as tabling? Outreach and Programming and Logistics all have a part of that.

Outreach: has started. Katherine can be point of contact for this WG. No meeting scheduled. We have received the West Coast email list from National (2100 addresses). MTA sent out a large invitation today.  Can we develop a strategic plan for SJ, Bay Area, NoCal, SoCal, and the Northwest…

Res/Dev: No meeting scheduled. An e-ask later this month. Crowd-sourcing around a video of PMAs. Please share these tools when you receive them. Question: do we have a budget planned? One for expense, none for income.

Logistics WG: Next meeting 18 March at 6:30 at LISHC (525 W. Alma) and on the phone. Some sites at churches are coming into view. Question: What food?  None. wiggio is running: useful for the file folders where we can share documents, and the calendar. Reach out to if you need help to use wiggio. Need to scout a campground for the bus caravan: John has it. Solidarity Housing: need a coordinator, Human Agenda will facilitate both managing the fund and supporting the coordinator.


Cooperative Economics WG: meeting 12 March at Human Agenda, 7 pm. Movement School is 17 – 18 April; Panel Friday evening. Series of presentations all day Saturday. [FLYER ATTACHED to this email] Human Agenda is beginning to discuss post-June: Cooperation Silicon Valley. [Add to next agenda]

Program WG: Ellen and Clarissa; notes from 6 March meeting are attached to the end of this report. Meeting every Friday at AME  First Baptist at 6:30 pm. Focusing on opening and closing ceremonies. Contacting tourism centers for swag to hand out at registration, and maps with local flavor. Reaching out for sites that hold more than a few dozen people. Clarissa reaching out to VTA. At next LOC meeting we will dig into the Program plan


Internal Comm WG: need a list of people involved? Put out a weekly newsletter of progress? Is it a task rather than a position? Part of Outreach? Katherine volunteered to collate the current list.

Monica suggests an orientation sheet to bring newcomers into our plan. Includes POC so that they can plug into WGs. Dione has started this.

At the national level, the process is that WGs develop proposals, send them to ACT (leads), if passed it goes to Nat Planning Committee where the decision is made.

[Next meeting: change to weekly meetings?]

Allow the decision making discussion to season and begin the next meeting: Have an orientation person who will brief out our process and progress for all newcomers to LOCmeetings? Define a decision making process that encourages communication and resolution?

Proposal: identify a lead and a co-lead for each WG before the next meeting. The rest of the discussion will be next meeting.


Add to the calendar: 18 March *Renter’s Rights Conference*, 6 pm at Alum Rock Library, 3090 Alum Rock Ave.

LISHC: Health Movement School on 11 April, and 12 April is the PMA

Now we have a national website for Movement Schools and PMAs.

Raman Jamal is crafting an Arts Education PMA *Future Arts Now* in April

Still hoping for 22 March Labor PMA?

Youth PMA in Seattle [Dione will be in WA all of April]


Next SJBayLOC meeting: LISHC: 19 March at 6:30 pm


Program WG Notes, 6 March 2015

The Program & Cultural Committee has provided this call in #: 877-322-9648 code 121707

I am sorry you could not call in today, this will be the call in number and we will meet every Friday

from 6:30 – 8:30 until event.  Face to Face will be at 1st AME Zion Church 20th and San Fernando St

San Jose.


Present: Chair Ellen Rollins & Co-Chair Clarissa Moore.  No one on Phone


Invites to Board of Supervisors and City Council members to participate in our programing.  Sis Dione reported she will develop an invitation to use.


As I reported at yesterday’s LOC we will be moving forward on Opening Ceremony and invitations to Ohlone & Aztez Peoples participation.  Developing shell for Program inserts. Request Tourism Dept. assistance in what is available when in San Jose.

Program utilization of 5 additional Churches and community centers hosting programming possibilities of 150 people each.

Great America and Raging Waters possibilities such as free entrance day for Forum Participants. Last day our Forum will implement the Opening Ceremony of The Juneteenth Festival San Jose.  And many other opportunities that may be available.


Look forward to you being present or on the call next Friday


Sis Ellen Rollins, Chair


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