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San Antonio

The 2015 US Social Forum is well under way, and we are calling for all folks within the Western, Northwestern and South Western Region To join us. How can you do this…..?

Easy…plan a caravan

And how do you do that….well here are a couple of suggestions

Via Bicycle Caravan

The San Jose USSF is on the lookout for organizers to recruit both cyclists and biofuel-powered vehicles for an alternative transportation adventure to San Jose, CA. We haven’t designed the online tools to facilitate the process yet, but we are eager to hear from any organization or individual who is up to the task. Now that’s what we call GREEN MOVEMENT.


Via Bus Caravan

Bus caravans are modeled on the 2007 Freedom Caravan that brought people from Albuquerque, New Mexico, across the southwest and the deep south to the U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta in 2007, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan, in 2010. You can help organize this year’s Freedom Caravan by organizing or attending a PMA in your area. The Cascadia Freedom Caravan is already off an running, so join them as soon as you can!

What is the Freedom Caravan?
The Cascadia Freedom Caravan is being organized by a coalition of community activists from the Pacific North West to bring local activists to the US Social Forum. The format of the caravan is encourage by USSF as a way for local activists to link up with each other and make it to the gathering together.
Our goal is to foment discussion and interaction amongst local community leaders and organizations interested in the values of the gathering and to facilitate interaction amongst ourselves before, during and after the trip, to maximize the value of the experience. We plan on having a series of meet and greets before we go, to stop at strategic points between here and Tucson to share our work in Cascadia with people along the way, and to collectively document the experience.


Via Foot


In 2010, The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign led a Caravan called the “March to Fulfill the Dream” from New Orleans, Louisiana, to the Detroit, Michigan, forum starting on April 4, 2010, which was both Easter Sunday and the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The group, organizing a movement to end poverty, is demanding guaranteed healthcare and housing for everyone in the United States. This group is also one of the key anchor orgs for the Philly USSF Polycentric Forum.

If you’re interested in organizing a Caravan, or you’ve already started on the process, please let us using the form below so that we can feature you on our site!



The People's Caravan

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