Accessibilidad para todos

The 2015 US Social Forum San Jose would like to express its solidarity with the various communities both represented and not represented here at the Forum. This includes various communities of English as a Second Language, LGBTQ communities and the disability communities  We recognize disabilities both seen and unseen and are to make this event more accessible for you and others. Please let us know if you feel like there’s additional information we could add or things that we should know in advance. If you have any additional resources to lend, that would be greatly appreciated and you can contact us at


Donations of $10-$100 are welcome from those who are able to contribute.

Folks are more than welcome sit in the lobby or at any available seating space if standing in line is an issue.  Mobility can be found in the front lobby of the main plenary area. Accessibility will vary location to location.


Service animals are supported. If you could let us know in advance, that would be greatly appreciated.

wheelchair accessible

Coming Soon

DEAF  HARD-OF-HEARING & Auditory Processing Disabilities

We are working on ensuring all movies have subtitles. There will be a seating available for Deaf and hard of hearing people and their companions in front of each venue. We will be diligent in ensuring this for each venue. We are asking facilitators of PMA’s to ensure the same.


We are currently working on positioning and ensuring our ASL interpreters now. Please come back to this webpage for any and all significant updates.


Due to the limitations of the wireless in the space, we will be using on site transmitters to ensure wireless access for presenters and attendees. We recognize this could be a sensitivity issue for those with EMF challenges. Please email if this issue is critical for you, and we will do our best to make efforts as needed.


We are currently working towards having listeners and Crisis Counselors available for the duration of the Forum. Please check back on this page for any and all updates.

Please do NOT wear, bathe, use hair care items or wash clothing with products containing “Fragrance” (as marked on the label). It might make someone else sick and force them to leave the event.
The 2015 US Social Forum-San Jose

Please join us in ensuring accessibility for beloved community members with chemical injuries, asthma and environmental illness by not bringing fragrances or scents on your clothes, hair, or skin from colognes and perfumes or smoke on your clothes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, “natural” products, and essential oils. You can prepare in advance by not using products with fragrance, or by using fragrance-free, non-toxic products. Please do NOT wear, bathe, use hair care items or wash clothing with products containing “Fragrance” (as marked on the label). This includes natural and organic fragrances. For more info on what this means and for a list of many commonly available fragrance-free personal care and laundry products, visit .

To that end we…

  • RESPECTFULLY REQUEST that all audience members, volunteers, partners, particpants and community members AVOID scented-products, and REFRAIN from wearing, bathing with, using on their bodies or washing their clothing with products that have fragrance as marked on the label. If you know you have scents or smoke on you, be sure to sit away from the fragrance-free seating and avoid hugging, coming in close contact with, people wearing green badges.
  • OFFER SCENT-FREE seating.
  • WORK with our venue to use fragrance free, non-toxic cleaning products and other supplies, and avoid scented products.
  • We offer unscented soap in bathrooms at as many venues as possible.



We strongly recommend that at the beginning of each plenary AND workshop  the convener asks:”Does anyone need to sit somewhere else as an access accommodation?” This makes it SO much easier to have a time and way to get situated without interrupting the flow of the workshop for all participants involved.

Another World is Possible. Another System is Necessary, let’s all play our roles.
Note on Gender Nuetra

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