PMA’s and Movement Schools

A People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) is a gathering of people to:

  1. Collectively develop a political analysis of the current moment and the systemic root causes of our problems.
  2. Come up with visions of the world we want and to create plans toget there (consider short, medium, and long-term demands as appropriate).
  3. Create and coordinate related collective actions, campaigns, and strategic movement agendas (consider short, medium, and long-term actions and agendas if appropriate).

Cooperation Jackson-PMA
The Peoples Movement Assembly (PMA) process was inspired by the Social Movement Assembly launched at the World Social Forum in 2003 and was launched in the United States. at the first U.S. SOCIAL FORUM in 2007. The PMA process developed alongside numerous forums from 2006 to 2010. To learn more about the Peoples Movement Assembly go to

Upcoming and Past Assemblies

Check out the list of upcoming and past PMAs on the website. Please note that many of the assemblies in this list have been connected to the US Social Forum organizing process, but the list also contains assemblies that have taken place as part of the Southern Movement Assembly and other organizing processes.

Assemblies to Build Momentum towards the 3rd US Social Forum

PMAs are foundational to accomplishing the US Social Forum strategic goal of moving toward political alignment and movement cohesion to transform society and protect the earth.

The National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum has agreed that PMAs will be used as the primary outreach and political education tool in 2014 and 2015 as we build towards convening civil society in June of 2015 in Philadelphia, PA and Jackson, MS and San Jose, CA for the
third US Social Forum!


And all these local and regional PMAs (and the PMAs that happen at the polycentric social forum sites) will culminate in an Assembly of Assemblies being planned for 2016 where we will collectively create and present a coherent set of “Movement Demands.”

Learn More about Peoples Movement Assemblies

Go to for more information on the history of PMAs, how to plan a PMA, and to download the PMA Toolkit and other tools.

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