There are a myriad of reasons for holding a 2015 US Social Forum, as a followup from previous US Social Forums in Detroit (2010), and Atlanta (2007). As the presidential election 2016 cycle nears, planning and formulating progressive priorities, presenting third party or independent platforms, and rejuvenating faith in a democratic system through voicing common concerns is an exercise of our natural and civic rights.

US Social Forum 2015 Conventions in Philadelphia, Jackson, San Jose

The US Social Forum introduces World Social Forum concerns to the American public; led by recognized American nongovernmental organizations such as the Green Party, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Move to Amend, and sponsored by a variety of local stakeholder community organizations.

The reasons include observing or experiencing widening social gaps; schools emphasizing educational testing rather than growing student civic engagement; political leaders sacrificing their moral compass in exchange for privatization and short-term profits; a nation’s infrastructure being compromised by overseas military investments; large numbers of underemployed people struggling to make ends meet; and cities abandoning subsidized housing in exchange for higher revenue office buildings…

Many familiar grassroots organizations are coming together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and San Jose, California for the U.S. Social Forum June 24th-28th. The human agenda will be made manifest through the convergence of think tanks who realize protecting human life and the planet earth in an era of global overpopulation and climate change is more important than ever before.

In Philadelphia, workshops and teach-ins will be held at Temple University with the Green Party playing a more active leadership role. Visit the Philadelphia USSF 2015 @

In Jackson, Mississippi, “Summer of Our Power” will be a combined US Social Forum and Climate Justice Alliance Event held on Friday, June 26th to Sunday, June 28th.

In San Jose, break-out sessions, films, and youth camp will be held at San Jose State University and other nearby host sites, with kickoff and evening plenaries held at Washington United Youth Center. Visit the San Jose USSF 2015 @

Details vary by location with a variety of nearby hosts and venues, including help with childcare and conference housing arrangements.

In all cities there will be national coordination, such as live streaming conferences, synthesis, or closing ceremony. There also will be how-to demonstrations, tours, short marches, and evening hip-hop music—a little something for each person’s needs for social justice consciousness-raising.

Find out more about USSF:

1. United States Social Forum 2015-San Jose, CA

2. US Social Forum San Jose,

3. US Social Forum Philadelphia 2015 – Another World is Possible,

4. “World Social Forum,” Wikipedia,

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  1. The key issue at the Paris Conference on Climate, must focus on using solar technology and a solar payment policy to help communities in cities in America & Africa do their part to harness all the solar in to stop global warming. We must focus on building new solar cities where the homeowners get free energy from the sun.

    We can start by building one solar powered community center in each town or village where students from troubled homes, can go to study in quiet. A safe place where people can gather if there is an earthquake or other crisis.

    Like we just saw in Nepal, where they had no energy, not even for cell phones, so they could call out for “Help!”

    Cooperation between developing nations and African nations should be the hallmark of the Paris conference.

    Let us see what cooperation and solar technology can do.
    African & American governments coming to the Paris climate conference each with a unified position, calling for a decentralized Solar Payment Policy to require local Utilities to pay solar homeowners a premium rate, would be welcomed by world leadership, to help the world shift from gas to a solar economy.
    Today, nations need to be meeting with world partners to draft solar agreements to start building solar homes, each with 100 solar panels, to rebirth our cities with solar homes.

    Half the representatives coming from Africa & America to Paris, should be women and young people.

    We want to see what the women of Africa & America have to say about building solar homes, each with 100 solar panels.

    Building solar home thru cooperation between nations with surplus solar panels, like China, and nations with unemployed young workers in Africa & America, ready to build more solar homes in every town & village.

    Building solar homes locally, is a job that cannot be off-shored. Benefits that will be visible, measurable and transparent.

    Not the same old rich, entrenched, corrupt male puppets of the oil companies that have been showing up at the UN for the last 50 years.

    There is no benefit to throwing more money into the hands of the same old gang of Big Oil male puppets & male thieves who have been “representing”, ie., stealing from Africa & America for the past 30 years.

    The world wants and needs more independent women leaders who know how to be self-reliant and are building their own solar homes with 100 panels.

    China is doing more than any other nation, to help Africa build energy independence, by building solar powered homes, each house with 100 solar panels, in parts of Africa.

    This method of solving the climate crisis in Africa will work best because it puts free solar energy for lights, cell phones, computers & cooking, into the hands of the women of Africa & America.
    It puts more jobs and money into the hands of each family, each village in America & Africa.

    This style of building homes, each with 100 panels is the best decentralized method humans have invented, to create millions of jobs, building solar powered schools to help stop poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and climate change in Africa & America.

    History shows, that nations like Cuba, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and China that attempt to create jobs for all do a better job at tackling sexism & racism.

    We do not want to see rich investor from oil companies, building giant solar farms across Africa & America. That will maintain the money & control in the hands of the same old Big Oil corporations, who do the investing and control the huge solar farms, that would then sell energy to villages.

    That is exactly what is happening in Marin County, where Shell Oil secretly controls Marin “Clean” Energy. Using Renewable Energy Credits, (REC’s) there is a “legal”, but unethical trick that claims to be supplying solar energy to Marin. It is a total scam.

    No solar homeowners, or small businesses, like Green Point Nursery (415-710-4096), in Novato, are allowed to make a premium income selling solar onto the local grid. They were even denied the right to put up 1,000 solar panels on their own land!!

    Only Big Oil corporations are allowed to make money from solar in Marin.

    We want decentralization of solar homes, solar jobs and solar money in America & Africa, like they have in Japan, Europe, Cuba & China.

    Solar controlled by corporate investors like Solar City & Tesla, do not truly benefit the People of America. We want solar homes so the owners get free lights and the lion’s share of money from generating surplus solar energy. Yes, we did say free.

    Any leaders from any nation, that comes to Paris and demands money, we know are just the same old corrupt front men the oil corporations have been sending for the last 50 years. Enough.

    We need a new model. Tossing money at a few well connected corrupt men in Africa will not do anything to stop climate change. None of the money will be used for anything socially useful.

    It will just pay for more prostitutes, limos, fancy cars, more drugs and more parties in Paris.
    That party is over. Get serious. Do something real.

    We are tired of fat, old, rich, oil company poverty pimps, with their hands out demanding money for more corruption. Money that “just seems to disappear”, as soon as it is given, to solve climate change. To really make the massive changes we need in America & Africa, we need to empower women and empower solar homeowners with jobs and political power that comes from a Solar Payment Policy like exists in Germany, Japan, China & 69 nations around the world now.

    The time is too late for charity for the rich & the poverty pimps. We want to see what the women of Africa & America have to say about building solar homes, each with 100 solar panels.

    Building solar home thru cooperation between nations with surplus solar panels, and nations with unemployed young workers in America & Africa, ready to build more solar homes. Jobs that cannot be off-shored. Benefits that will be visible, measurable and transparent.


  2. We feel the key to creating the JOBS needed by young people is for each city to build solar powered homes, each with 100 solar panels. This plus a Solar Payment Policy requiring PG&E to pay $0.49 kwh to solar homeowners selling surplus solar onto the grid is probably the best policy to create jobs and stop global warming. We also need a 30 hour work week at 40 hours pay to create jobs for more young people.
    Paul Kangas


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