U.S. Social Forum — Workshop MAD LIVES MATTER

U.S. Social Forum — Workshop
Mad Lives Matter

  sponsor:  Mental Health Client Association, San Josó City College  —  panelists:

  •   Delphine Brody,  Icarus Project, Sacramento  THE MAD MAP
  •   Christina De Haro,  9to5 Labor Group  BREAKING BARRIERS
  •   Hope Holland,  Peer Mentor, Santa Clara County  ENGAGING BEHAVIOR
  •   Melissa Martinez,  Mental Health Client Association  FAMILY ABUSE
  •   Andrew Phelps  Mental Health Client Association  CULTURE CHANGE
  •   Drew Johnson  Inclusability Club, De Anza College  DISABILITY JUSTICE
Thursday, June 25  — 10:30AM  NOTE LOCATION
Sacred Heart Community Services, 1381 South 1st St., San Josó


Description of Event

critical psychiatrist

Critical Psychiatrist





Mad Lives Matters 3

The Old Way





info:  mhca@batstar.net

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