Greece: the role of social movements in the political changes


This year represents a new era in the way forward for Greece.

The Greek people have decided not to continue with austerity policies previously accepted by New Democracy conservative party that held the government until early 2015, when elections were won by Syriza, that despite remain two seats to achieve an absolute majority , resulted winner in the contest.

Alexis Tsipras, the new Prime Minister, presented last Sunday his government program; including steps such as:

* Food aid

* Access to health, as well as free electricity for the needy.

* Reinstatement of employees unfairly dismissed;

* Budget cuts in wasteful spending of public servants.

It is hoped that these measures, the European Union grant a new credit to hellenic country while awaiting a final reform that allows the recovery of the Greek economy, which has been in recession for five years, with a public debt that reaches 175 % of its GDP, generating a lot of discontent in the population, who finally decided to make a new choice with the desire to improve living conditions in their country.

For more detailed information on this issue, the Mobilization committee of the World Social Forum invites you to a lecture entitled Greece: the role of social movements in the political changes, which will take place on February 10 at 2 pm at Maison de Culture Ibn Khaldoun.

Carolina Gonzalez

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